tools for managing AWS resources including EC2, EBS, RDS, IAM, CloudFormation and Route53.
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AWS Missing Tools

AWS Missing Tools is a suite of tools that extends Amazon's provided command line tools. The tools are described below:


apply alarms to one or more Auto Scaling Groups


modify an Auto Scaling Group's Launch Configuration

aws-ha-release and aws-ha-release-ruby

allows the high-availability / no downtime replacement of all EC2 Instances in an Auto Scaling Group that is behind an Elastic Load Balancer


injects userdata scripts into a CloudFormation file for EC2 and Autoscaling Resources


provide easy backup/snapshot functionality for multiple EC2 EBS volumes


list all Access Keys belonging to IAM accounts or find a particular IAM key


apply alarms to one or more Amazon RDS instances


migrating a Route53 zone to a new zone or to a new AWS account